How to Get Cheap Accommodation in Nairobi Kenya

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How to Get Cheap Accommodation in Nairobi Kenya

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Getting accommodation in Nairobi can be hectic especially if one does not know their way around town. There are numeral hotels in Nairobi that charge differently and this gets the process of looking for a hotel in Kenya even more confusing.

Accommodation in Kenya is further complicated by the fact that Kenya is a major tourist destination that attracts a lot of tourists. This has made the hotel industry flourish in Kenya with prices also going considerably high.

accommodation in Nairobi

Finding a hotel in Nairobi will therefore highly hinge on your budget, preference and needs. There are hotels with conference facilities, swimming pool, good transport and security, excellent customer service, extra offers like Wi-Fi and more that position them better in the market.
Where to Find Accommodation in Nairobi

There are basically four types of hotels you can find in Nairobi. First is where the ‘kings and queens’ dine. These are renowned and always get the cream of high spenders who visit town and other high profile personalities. The five stars of Nairobi include, Serena Hotel, Sankara Hotel, Panari Hotel, The Boma and many more in various parts of town.

accommodation in NairobiSecondly are the three stars; these compete for the second tier of clients and are visited by locals and foreign tourists. They offer great services but on a relatively lower cost. Due to competition, the three stars have over time achieved a better class that makes one think they should be promoted to four stars.

A good example is Hotel Hennessis, besides being a three star hotel; it offers a lot of services that are offered in the best hotels in Nairobi. Their accommodation offers have different rooms that will suite a clients need. From budget room to honeymooners treat.

Cheap Accommodation in Nairobi

After three stars, we may call them two stars but it is not official yet. These are the hotels in estates that offer rooms for accommodation at a fair price and other hotel services. They may not have conference facilities, may have a bar or not depending on the owner.
We also have guest houses that also offer cheap accommodation in Nairobi. These also pride in customer service.accomodation in Nairobi

There are also apartments where one rent a fully furnished house to be using during their stay. This comes with all in-house needs though the cost is also high.
Lastly if things are really tight one can land in a lodging facility. Simple rooms mostly found adjacent to bars and night clubs. Yes! Don’t expect a lot here, too much noise and drunkenness but your budget will be safe. Examples are hotels in River Road (down town Nairobi)
Getting good accommodation in Nairobi may not be easy as the middle class hotels are often fully booked during peak times. It is advisable to book in advance after having identified the best class and hotel for your needs and comfort. Note that booking online may have its shortfalls and thus it will be important to do a research on the kind of hotel in Nairobi you are booking.

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