Travel Information on Nairobi

Travel Information on Nairobi

Travel Information on Nairobi

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Nairobi offers a wide variety of shopping options from small shops called kiosks, super markets and shopping malls depending on what it is you want to buy. The best shopping malls where you can get everything from a packet of mint to a sofa set and everything in between are:

  • Nakumatt Lifestyle – located within the Central Business district, Nakumatt lifestyle offers a wide range of products, food courts and a bar.
  • Uchumi Capital Center – located 5 Km from the CBD along Mombasa Road. Uchumi Capital Center is a one stop shopping mall. On Wednesdays the Mall hosts curio artistes who sell their pieces in the parking lot.
  • Sarit Center – located in Westlands, a 10 minute drive from the city center is one of the first full shopping malls in Nairobi. The Sarit Center holds everything from baks, a book store, a super market, a movie theatre, pharmacies, a gym among other services.
  • Yaya Centre – the Yaya Centre is located 5 minutes from the Central Business district and offers the same range of services as the Sarit Centre.
  • Nakumatt Ukay – located a few meters from the Sarit Center in Westlands Nakumatt Ukay offers the same services as the above two and also features restaurants and food courts.

The above pointers should help you enjoy your visit to Nairobi, also worth sampling is the National Theatre and the national beer, Tusker. [codepeople-post-map] [/tab] [tab] Nairobi is the only City in the world that holds a game park within its borders, this will be the perfect place to start your visits.

  • The Nairobi National park is located 20 Km from the city center and covers an area of 117 square Kms and hosts most of the big five and all the herbivorous mammals. The park also features a nature walk and picnic facilities.
  • National Museum, located a few minutes from the central business district, the museum offers a look at the history of the great city. It also offers a snake park which displays the best of the reptiles.
  • Kibera Slums, it is not your everyday attraction but a visit to the second biggest slum in Africa brings the realities of life home.
  • Night Life, Nairobi is usually a buzzing economic hub during the day but transforms into a lively night life in the evenings. Sampling WestlandsLangata and the Central Business District will offer the best of Nairobi’s night life.
  • Visit the Central Park – Located next to the more popular Uhuru Park, the Central Park offers a more serene and cleaner experience than its neighbor. The Central park is perfect for picnics, or just some alone time reading a book.

Shopping in Masai Market – the Masai Market is a weekly market that samples the best in Kenyan art. From Paintings, wood and soap stone carvings to clothes. The Market is usually at the Uchumi Capital Center parking lot on Wednesdays and the Supreme Court parking lot on Saturdays. [codepeople-post-map] [/tab] [/tabset]

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